One response to “Welcome!

  1. There’s a happy tear that thanks the muses for you
    I told myself i hate vibrato
    but my ignorance is legendary
    blind arrogance is somewhat so.
    Your voice is worth remembering
    a wisdom, a slight cynicism,
    mature, wistful, interesting.
    Song choice hints romanticism,
    but that resonance was arresting
    and again I saw I was a fool.
    Another keystone needs dismembering
    and I thank you for the key to that.
    Your lilting is locked deep in mind,
    gift of fates and muses more than kind.
    I thank you for what you gave to me .
    I’d like it recorded for eternity
    but it’s not so clear on this CD
    The instruments are distracting.
    Too much bloody interacting
    Never have I heard them better
    Done so well. Bright , Sharp, Clear
    but it’s you i want to hear.
    The wise warm voice with young girl’s lilting.
    Nothing forced too loud or flat.
    An Innocence. All else is secondary.
    You’re so far beyond the ordinary;
    Rewards for beauty seem seldom fair
    but if you can catch that heart’s vibrato,
    as in person singing solo
    I want to hear. I want to hear
    for i’ve not ever heard its peer.
    and to that i am attesting.
    I’m music mute so song choice may matter
    primitive, ignorant, mad as a hatter
    but there are matters i find not small.
    Fair thou art and art is all
    also thank you for the inspiration. my superstition says I must offer to let the inspirer read and acknowledge part ownership .. could be a nuisance but the only obligation is to offer .. so no thank you is fine and a relief from pressure

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