Words for Codladh Samh

Codladh Samh (with a fada on the a of samh, but I dunno how to do that here!)

Pron. Cullah Sawve a store (another fada on o in stor) Meaning: Sleep safe/sound, darling/precious one.


When leaves in red and gold do burn

And swallows fly south I will return

To be by your side I yearn

Codladh samh, a stor

Codladh samh, a stor

To be by your side I yearn


Though I am held by time and tide

Through it all faith and hope abide

Tis you I’ll stand beside

Codladh samh, a stor


You are the thought that starts my day

Hoping your heart on me will stay

Forget me not I pray


2 responses to “Words for Codladh Samh

  1. Hello Jenny. I absolutely love this song and would love to learn to play it on guitar. Would you be prepared to send me the chords. Key of G but I can transpose.


    • Hi Jenny
      Sorry it took me ages to see this.
      Jem who arranged the guitar is not available right now – are you aware Jem’s playing it in DADGAD? There’s heaps going on in his arrangement, but the chords are simple.

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