Glass Houses – a great song by Mark Gillett

Many thanks to Narelle for permission to put this dynamic song on the cd. Steve Cook’s driving accompaniment has been a pleasure since we first formed a duo several years ago. Glad to get it recorded at last! Closest I’ve ever felt to singing rock! (and I guess a song about mountains should have a rock-song feel … ooh)

The indigenous story of how the Glass House Mountains came into being is one of a father – Tibrogargan – having a violent reaction to a mistake made by one of his sons – Coonowrin locally known as Crookneck. The separation, fear and injury caused by this event is displayed in the rock formations which stand above the plains of the Sunshine Coast. Mark used to work with families broken by such reactions and this song is his empathetic response. It is an appeal to not stand forever frozen in hatred over one event in our lives but move on and gather those we love most into our hearts.

Legend from WIkipedia
The mountains are the subjects of several Aboriginal tales and Coonowrin is said to be the son of Tibrogargan and Beerwah. During a violent storm, Tibrogargan commanded his son Coonowrin to take his mother Beerwah and his siblings and help them move to safety. Being scared of the storm, Coonowrin instead ran off and when his father found him he hit him on the back of the head, resulting in Coonowrin’s crooked neck. Tibrogargan was so ashamed of his son’s cowardice that to this day he sits with his back to Coonowrin.


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