John Warner – a wonderful talent for words and atmosphere.

I sing John’s Miner’s Washing on ‘for the love of it’ and Jeremy’s guitar and fiddle add nearly an old timey edge to this great lighthearted song about drudgery – the endless cycle of dirty laundry.

All his lyrics are on his website – – as well as other info. Check out Dear Diary for a real beauty. His turn of phrase in the Marching-with-your-friends-singing-anthems he writes is just superb, always expressing the crux of the issue verse after verse. “Oh that’s just how I wanted to express it!!” is a common reaction to people who hear them for the first time. At an Occupy rally in Sydney Margaret Walters and I went round gathering people to sing Percentage Games and the smiles of delight we witnessed were heart-warming. Keep it up John!


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