Dark-Eyed Molly

by Archie Fisher

Deep and dark are my true love’s eyes
Blacker still is the winter’s turning
As the sadness of parting proves
And brighter now is the lantern burning
That lightens my path to love

No fiddle tune can take the air
But I can see her swift feet a-dancing
And the swirl of her long dark hair
Her smiling face and her dark eyes glancing
As we stepped out Blinkbonny Fair

And if my waiting should prove in vain
Then I will pack and let track ever take me
And the lonely road will ease my pain
No gem of woman-kind will make me
Ever whisper love’s sweet words again

For in drink I’ll seek good company
My ears will ring with the tavern’s laughter
And no more I’ll hear her last sweet sighs
For who’s to know in the morning after
That I long for deep dark eyes


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