Glass Houses

 by Mark Gillett

Strong and sudden comes the flood
takes the family by surprise
Feel the steel it’s in your blood
test the strength of family ties

Poor ‘Crookneck’, eldest son
Still crippled by this guilt you bear
How could you do that to your Mum
How could you leave her standing there?
To break those bonds is shame
You must admit that things can never be the same

Tibrogargan’s task he knows
To keep the lore from age to age
since you struck that crippling blow
You stand a prisoner of your rage
Don’t turn your face away
Your family’s future could depend on what you say

Do you love the land
You water it with tears
Stand above the land
For a million years

Come brothers sisters, do not
scatter now in fear of scorn
Changes you were witness to
were dreamed before your age was born
We are one family
to be steadfast through disaster is our destiny

You are mother of us all
Dreaming still of life to come
Wait until your children call
Gather us in, every one


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