Carbon Canaries Tunes

Accentuate Renewable (Accentuate the Positive)

Carbon Is The World’s Worst Friend (Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend)


Climate Change (Baby face)

Dona Nobis Common Sense (Dona Nobis Pacem)

Dough For Me (Do Re Mi)

I’m a Believer

Renewables Are All About (The Hokey Pokey)

Stand Beside us Firm And Strong (She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain)

High harmony suggestion:
Low Harmony suggestion:

These Gates Are Made for Lockin’ (These Boots Are Made For Walkin’)

The Simple Life (3 Blind Mice ROUND)


Water for life on this Land

Water In The Coal Seam (Pick a Bale O’ Cotton)

We’re Using Sunshine (You Are My Sunshine)

Who do You Think You are Kidding Mr. Palmer? (… Mr Hitler)

When Coal Seam Gas Was New (When Jones’ Ale Was New)

When the Rigs Come Rolling in COAL Version (When the saints …)


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