It’s always too early until it’s too late – End of life Care Planning

I’m organising this information session. When Dad got terminally ill last year, I regretted not ever having talked with him about his health care wishes. Now that I’m home I am determined to do one for myself. When I mentioned it to friends they all were in the same ‘I’ll do it later’ mode. Hence …

Advance Health Directive, Enduring Power of Attorney, Statement of Choice … how do you plan and record the future health care you want, or don’t want, in case you can’t communicate your wishes?

Come along to a talk on how to help your loved ones and doctors give you the care you choose, in accordance with your values and beliefs.

A panel with Wendy Pearse, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service, End of Life Care Project Officer.

Maleny RSL hall on Tuesday 27th November from 10.30-11.30 with time afterwards for tea and chat.

To learn more about Advance Care Planning:…/…/services/advance-care-plan

if you want a poster like the one below to put up in your town/work email me on jennyfitzy at gmail dot com




2 responses to “It’s always too early until it’s too late – End of life Care Planning

  1. hi Jenny I put this in my diary thanks for the invitation. I have an AHD from a long time ago. I made it with Althea. I am interested to hear what is happening now. I notice on the My Health Record site that there is a much simpler AHD. The issue would be ‘will they know where to look to see my AHD’… if it is not in the My Health record. x g

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