John Warner’s Songs about Adani

John Warner writes a great protest song!

Here are some of his latest in the long struggle to #StopAdani. Together we will win. Because we must.
Great choruses are a feature of John’s songs. If you like what you hear on the sound file, you can download a PDF of the words by clicking on the link. It goes straight into your Downloads folder on your computer (well, it does on mine!) and on your phone it should open it. This makes you and your friends an INSTANT FLASHMOB SCRATCH CHOIR!!!! Have fun.

Adani Corporation Mines Dirty Coal
Adani Corp Mines Dirty Coal

Adani’s Jobs
Adani’s jobs

All Life Needs Water
All life needs water


Coal Belongs with the dinosaurs
Coal belongs with the dinosaurs

Coal or Snow
Coal or snow

Coral or Coal






Flood Drought Fire

Four Degrees



Frere Adani, Frere Adani



Hot Out Here
hot out here

It’s Time, Climate
it’stime climate2 11.12.18

New Coal Shanty
New coal shanty


No New Coal
No new coal 2


Wangan & Jagalingou
wanganand jagalingou


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