XR Songs and Chants – PDF and sound files

Here is a 5 page printable collection of songs and chants that relate to XR’s 3 demands and 10 principles, especially the “Scrupulously Non-Violent” bit!

Followed by sound files so you can listen to them if you’d prefer. Sorry they are so basic.

Why sing songs about Climate? Because we are in a Climate and Ecological Emergency. If you know this, please try to act in accordance with this truth. Please also try to act in accordance with the urgency – Zero carbon in about 10 years or we are risking EVERYTHING. (This means when your climate group are arranging another meeting, make it asap, not Next Month. Each month is 1% of the time left to GET TO ZERO CARBON – not just decide how to move forward.) Just saying’.

Page two of Booklet
Page 3 and 4 of Songs
Page 5 – Chants and sung chants
Act Now – On Ya Bike Dance track

Pedal Rebels Bike track – longer


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