Frank & Fearless – new project! What fun!

At Northey Street Markets, Brisbane. (Photo Malcolm Paterson)

Frank & Fearless provide a rare and thoroughly entertaining public service. They tread where others fear to go. Jenny Fitzgibbon and Lyn Bardsley, with quirky uke and funky fretless bass, joyfully sing songs of contemporary urgency.

Duo of Jenny Fitzgibbon (ukulele and vocals) and Lyn Bardsley (fretless electric bass and vocals). Performing songs with crucial themes in an entertaining manner. We do protests, parties, anything!

Have you been to Jail for Justice?

Have a listen to Frank & Fearless below
Have You Been to Jail for Justice by Anne Feeney & Elvis!

(Recorded in Maleny by Jevan Cole)

This Earth is a bequest … to our kids

A friend, Malcolm Paterson, took a video while we were performing at a market … we got the kids dancing! Click the link below.

Trusting Baby Face with new lyrics by Jenny Fitzgibbon (original song by Harry Akst, with lyrics by Benny Davis, 1926) On YouTube

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