Y Dig Up Coal? And other Move Beyond Coal Songs

So, the NAB are funding Whitehaven … this is a sign they are denying the science and prepared to make a profit out of the increasing misery of people the world over.

On this page are recordings of the songs for the NAB campaign. You can use these to play through Bluetooth speakers and sing along or just familiarise yourself with them. All the lyrics are stored HERE on the Move Beyond Coal site.

1. NAB Bank Greenwashing

To the tune of Working Nine to Five by Dolly P

2. Y Dig Up Coal song.

To the tune of YMCA. Get everyone dancing and singing the repeats.
Here’s a blank backing track if you want to sing it yourself!

3. Not Another Dollar

Tune Money, Money Money by ABBA

4. We will, We will Stop You, NAB Bank

Tune: We will Rock you by Queen

5. What Shall We Do With The Coal Mine Banker

Tune: What shall we do with the Drunken Sailor

6. No New Coal Shanty

Tune: Congo River – an old sea shanty

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