Carbon Canaries

The song words WERE all here til the Carbon Canaries’ own website became ready.

Yay! now it is …

Some of the tunes lead you back to posts on this page, but otherwise everything is on the one site now.  Enjoy! I have so enjoyed writing these parodies.

Climate Change: such a serious issue – I’m glad I got to direct my joy and creativity to act for change. That’s so rewarding.

And if you want to support what I’m doing with Carbon Canaries, donate by emailing me on jennyfitzy at gmail dot com and I’ll send my bank details.
Or buy my CD ‘for the love of it’.
You can listen to bits of each of the songs below.


2 responses to “Carbon Canaries

    • That is just what they are for. That comment is why I did the whole thing. Thanks!
      WHen giving out words or looking for new ones – please go to where there will be more songs with tags for ‘issue groupings’ and links to other fun/song-based activism stuff.
      If any of your group want to adjust words to suit the theme of the rally you are at, feel free. And if anyone writes any new ones we would be happy to share with others (subject to filters for non-violence, accuracy, ease of singing etc)
      Jenny Fitz

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