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You can listen to individual snippets of each song below, or all of them here

I am very excited.

For the love of it feels like a first cd for me. There are the ones with Tulca Mor, Ragged (Jevan Cole and Jan van Dijk) and a few where I get to do a spot of vocal with people I really admire (Rob Longstaff, Paul Lawler) but these are some of the songs I’ve been loving for the last few years. A bit of writing, a lot of gathering songs from wunnerful people everywhere and a bitof choosing some of my fave writers and doing a song from some of them (Paul Spencer, John Warner, Mark Gillett)

The track list is:

1   Codladh Samh  (Fitzgibbon) Words here.

I was thinking of going back to Clones, Co. Monaghan for a late summer to see the folks and I guess the longing to see them all made me wistful!  Jeremy Dunlop brought that longing into the sparse gentleness of his playing. Words here.

2   Glass Houses  (Mark Gillett)

I think I first heard this great song in the Up Front Club in Maleny at A Bit OF Folk On The Side where Mark occasionally sang. Hosted by Paul Lawler and Richenda Bridge ABOFOTS ran for over 10 years and many of the Brisbane Folk scene regularly hooted up the mountain for a folky feast. Mark’s song uses elements from the Indigenous story of how the Glass House Mountains came to be, with his own message about families looking after each other through disaster.  Steve Cook gave it a bit of Bouzouki Rock and some harmonies. I really like that we got to sing this for Mark one day, and he liked it. There is gonna be a whole album of his songs soon …  Words here.

3   Ode To Soil  (Paul Spencer)

What a graceful, reverent celebration of one of our most fragile resources. I knew I wanted to resonate with this song from the moment I heard it. With Jeremy’s affection for the song too, we got a lovely rendition – basically live, but probably with the clever enhancemants of Pix in the studio! Words here.

4   Rigs Of Rye    (Trad. Arr. Fitzgibbon/Cook)

Niamh Parsons has been an inspiration to me when I have met her in Ireland at sessions and festivals. I’ve never heard anyone else sing this and love her version as much as this one. With Steve on bouzouki and guitar (oh the wonders of modern technology … look four hands!) it is a tripalong love song. I always wonder that the women in these “Ah I was only having you on to mke you cry and test your love for me” songs don’t sometimes belt the man in question, but hey, tis lovely! Words here.

5   James Connolly  (Trad. Arr. Fitzgibbon/Cook)

I heard Liam Weldon sing at The Goilin in Dublin and joined his stirring version with others I heard. Steve’s bouzouki sounds out the sadness of the events of 1916. Words here.

6   Frog & Mouse  (Trad. Arr. Fitzgibbon)

From the singing of Len Graham with a rollicking drive from Jeremy Dunlop on his Gallacher guitar. Children’s songs did not always contain cute cats, boats and cows, but unusual families and community celebrations where the reaper is also present. Feral! Words here.

7   Dark Eyed Molly  (Archie Fisher)

When Phil Beck played this for me at Whitby I fell in love with it. Still am. Phil’s version is way better than Stan Rogers’. Oh a bit of blasphemy on my blog!  Jeremy Dunlop’s dreamy guitar makes it a soulful song of loss. Words here.

8   Miner’s Washing  (John Warner)

John has captured the experience of this capable, strong woman’s life so perfectly. The song uses the rhythm of the physical work of washing and Jeremy has accentuated this til it’s nearly old-timey. Has me bopping in my seat. Words here.

9   The Snows They Melt The Soonest  (Trad.)

When I sang this favourite song of mine for Steve Cook, he immediately put this haunting, jazzy bouzouki line under it. Words here.

10  Planting to Reaping  (Fitzgibbon)

Watching the rain run down the window panes on grey day I thought about an isolated country girl waiting through the seasons for the thrill of being near her sweetheart. Jeremy got right into the feel of it with his accompaniment. Words here.

You can of course buy this online soon.

email me on jennyfitzy at gmail dot com to make a direct request. Cheers!

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