In 2014 I was one of 4 ephemeral artists who spent a week on-site making art, and in my case mostly music. It was a peaceful, productive week where I wrote 4 items which I performed a few times during the week and at the closing dinner.

The venue for the event was the Spicers Tamarind venue as well as the 18 sculptors whose work was in situ as part of Sculpture on the Edge.

Below is the page I put up at the time to document what I was doing. I had QR Codes around the Gardens to alert exhibition viewers to the music which related to the ART they were looking at. It was a great project and I felt very privileged to be involved. Please follow the links below to listen to the music I made during that great week.

Sculpture On The Edge 2014

Obi Lane in Maleny is on the way to the lovely Gardiners Falls and a perfect bush seting with lawns to set off the artworks well. Come and have a look at the art which runs from now til Oct 29th.

Myself, Corrie Wright, Judy Barrass and Liz Poole are on site for a week til Weds Oct 1st. Info HERE (the site is no longer online)

See you there and be ready to participate if you arrive at the right time. We might plan a show and tell, so send me an email on jennyfitzy(at) and I will put you on my Suncoalst Music Lovers List and you’ll get notified of events. You can ask to be off the list at any time.

You can visit the following links to hear the music and stories I have been developing as part of this project. Also on-site I have set up some QR codes to link to hear the songs off your smart phone.

Paused in Place – a song reflecting the feelings I got in response to some of the sculptures here

All Around – A ’round’ you can learn – it also is a NOTATION installation on the five-line in situ fence around the restaurant grounds.

“The Makings” – A comic song in a very trad Irish style. Think Tim Lyons/Con O’Drioscaill/Brian O’Rourke with less than half of their skill!
I know a few sculptors … and cereal hoarders and of course SERIAL HOARDERS who know that someday soon that pretty bit of metal/wood/plastic/whatever will be useful in a sculpture or artwork of some sort. We all in some way collect “The Makings” for our lives in case they’ll be useful. But limits get reached, and then breached …

Lighfboat by Greg Windsor won first place  with another artwork Two Dancers. It has similar messages about valueing refugees to my song Lies Like ‘Illegals’ and he was delighted at the juxtaposition of his sculpture and my song. Watch a verse of it HERE

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