For the lyrics of ‘Yolgnu Ways and Yolgnu Laws’ click HERE


For my song “LIES LIKE ILLEGALS” click here


Buying this supports the next one ...

Very pleased with this cd. Thanks to Jem and Steve and Pix and everyone who bought one. They are $20 and you can email me on jennyfitzy at g m a i l com and I’ll post one for $22.

Track info is HERE

Next one is also for the love of it – for the love of our planet and environment and as a way of standing up for a more communal future. Whew. Dunno how I’m gonna put that to music!!

See you at a GIG and I hope you have a wonderful day.


9 responses to “Home

    • They are ovely! I don’t have a contact for you though. I’d love to have them – thanks so much Dave.
      I have been using very old photos of me recently and an update is due. Pity I look in so much pain when I sing!

  1. Hello Jenny
    Could you contact me please? I am seeking your permission to include the words of ‘Guilty Song’ in a digital copy of a book Mandatory Injustice by Dianne Johnson and George Zdenkowski (originally released in hardcopy in 2000).
    Jan McClelland
    Australian Centre for Independent Journalism
    University of Technology, Sydney

    • Thanks to your query I have put the link to the song on the top of my home page. Thank you. Both Jeremy and I want it played as much as possible til Manus and Nauru are shut and asylum seeking refugees are in community placement.

  2. Jenny, i want to talk to you about organising a singing group for 350.org, following on from your suggestion at Woodford, about singing to our politicians. Moira has agreed to this, but i am loathe to put my contact details on a public forum like this. How can we talk?



  3. Hi Jenny,
    A voice from the past here.paul o hara from coolmine community school.
    Was at a school reunion in Blanchardstown recently and someone showed me an article you wrote for a folk magazine.
    I looked you up and found you here hope you don’t mind me saying hello.


  4. Never took you for a snob.too good to even reciprocate a new years wish from an ex friend from your past.i never took you for arrogant but realise now you are.you are not the person I remember.
    Your problem is you think you’re better than everyone with your second rate singing and your causes and that you actually have influence when you actually have none.australia will continue to pollute the environment and you will continue to be childless and alone living the life of a gypsy eeking out a living for pennies so keep looking forward not back.
    I made a mistake contacting you.

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